Daisy, Ruby, and Tinkerbell

Hi everyone! Here are a few pictures of my girls from puppy to now.

Daisy is the oldest. She’s a Husky/Shepherd mix. We got her from Isle of Wight Animal Rescue. She’s 5 years old now and she’s the boss.

Ruby is next oldest. She’s a German Shepherd and she’s a very sweet gentle girl. She is now 4 years old.

Tinkerbell is a Yorkshire Terrier. We’ve been told she’s a parti Yorkie. She’s a little larger than a Yorkie though and the hair on her back end gets curly when it’s long. So perhaps she’s got something else in her bloodline. Tinkerbell (Tinker for short) is 3 years old.

We want another puppy so much but we haven’t decided to go through the “chewed furniture stage” yet. Enjoy!

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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