England’s Monarchy and a Poquoson Girl

Over time I started to fall in love with British history. I started out reading various historical fiction books primarily about Henry VIII. There’s so much information published about him and it piqued my interest. I started to think about the Monarchy that came before him. What I found was very surprising. There are a ton of Kings before Henry VIII. So I set about making a list of all of the kings starting as far back as I could go, to present day. There’s a lot of material published about King Arthur but there is no definitive proof that he ever existed but I could go no further back. Prior to that time there were several kings. Similar to how we have Governors in the U.S. But most of them in England referred to themselves as Kings. Also, England wasn’t called England at that time. So if King Arthur was indeed fact he in essence became the “first king”. Many books then spoke of Cerdic and some even theorized that he was King Arthur’s son. So that’s where I decided to start my list. Click here to see my List of British Monarchy 

I’ll post later about the books I’ve read exploring this vast subject


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