Ocean colors wall hanging

Hi everyone!

I’ve finally gotten the colors for my next project (after the granny throw). It took me several months to pick them out. It’s so hard to actually tell exact color from online but Jimmy Beans Wool is wonderful. I’m going to use Cascade 220. This project is going to be a wall hanging for over my couch. If you look at my other posts you’ll see that my house is ocean themed. The walls in the living room are turquoise and the couch wall is really big. Right now I have a picture on it that’s just swallowed. I think I’m going to do a Magic Square. Basically a big granny square but more tightly woven. I don’t want the hanging to get saggy. I’m still thinking about somehow putting the hanging on like a “stretcher”. I see what I’m wanting in my head. I just have to see if it can be done.

Here are the colors:

From top row to bottom, from left to right

Top row: 7805 Flamingo Pink, 7830 Coral

Middle row: 9467 Delphinium, 8907 Caribbean , 8892 Azure

Bottom row: 9421 Blue Hawaii, 8891 Cyan Blue, 8902 Herb, 8908 Anis, 9468 Turquoise, 9464 Blueberry

I’m thinking I might also do a couple rings of variegated using Noro Royal #8. I’m not sure though. It’s not quite what I expected.

I’ll keep you posted on progress 🙂

Talk to y’all soon!

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