Granny Squares!

Hi everyone!

It’s time for a granny square update 🙂

More importantly, Happy Independence 4th of July Day!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program….granny squares!
I’ve made 99 squares and about 35 more start rings. I looked around for the best way to join them and I found several methods. A few of them were a little to complicated for, me being a beginner and all. A few more methods just didn’t look good. So I settled on a whipstitch. It actually looks really good. Un-noticeable from the front and nice and tidy in the back. I don’t want any color square next to the same color square so last night I drew up a pattern so I would know where each color goes. I knew those colored pencils would come in handy one day!  When I’m done the blanket should be 10 squares wide by 13 squares long, with 3-4 colors border around it. The initial plan was a throw but since I never know when to stop it will most likely be a blanket.
Happy crocheting! Talk to y’all soon!

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