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Hello everyone!

I’m a Microsoft Technical Trainer and I work for a company named Infotec. We have two locations. One location is in Virginia Beach, VA and the other is Newport News, VA

We’re offering a new course named the SharePoint 2013 Power User Bootcamp. The course manual was developed and written by me and I’m very proud of it. The course is 5-days and it’s full of great non-stop content.

SharePoint 2013 helps teams stay connected and productive by providing a web-based document storage and collaboration environment. SharePoint 2013 may be focused on only delivering on feature, such as enterprise search, or many features, such as document management and storage, business intelligence, and workflows. SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication, and documents. A SharePoint site can have many subsites and often closely mirrors the internal hierarchical structure of an organization. Site content can be easily searched, and users can receive alerts to tell them when existing documents and information have been changed or when new information has been added. SharePoint site owners can customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that site members can access and work with important and relevant information.

The course outline follows:

Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: SharePoint 2010 Introduction

  • What is SharePoint?
  • The SharePoint Product Family
  • SharePoint Benefits
  • Information Architecture

Module 3: Collaboration Experience

  • SharePoint Components
  • The Basic Process
  • Site Collections
  • Site Hierarchy
  • Site Templates
  • Navigational Elements
  • Settings
  • Content structures (Lists and Libraries)
  • Office Integration
  • Users, Groups, and Permissions
  • Security Trimmed Interface
  • 2013 UI Improvements

Module 4: Apps

  • Add an App
  • Templates vs. Instances
  • List/Library Apps
  • App Performance
  • App Parts vs. Web Parts
  • SharePoint Store
  • Office Web Apps
  • Add Files to the Documents App
  • Delete Files and Use the Recycle Bin
  • Create a Folder

Module 5: Permissions

  • Assignable Entities
  • SharePoint Default Groups
  • SharePoint 2013 Permission Changes
  • Permissions
  • Permission Inheritance
  • Fine-grained Permissions
  • Custom Permission Levels
  • Check Permissions Feature

Module 6: Create SharePoint Sites

  • Site Lifecycle
  • Creating a new site
  • Site Collections and Subsites
  • Site Templates vs. Site Definitions
  • Team Site
  • Blog Site
  • Project Site
  • Community Site
  • Delete and restore a site

Module 7: Library Apps

  • Definition of a library and it’s many benefits
  • Library App Templates vs. Library App Instances
    • Create and use a Document Library
    • Create and use a Form Library
    • Create and use a Picture Library
    • Create and use a Wiki Page Library
    • Create and use an Asset Library
    • Create and use a Slide Library
    • Use a Site Notebook

Module 8: List Apps

  • List App Templates vs. List App Instance
    • Promoted Links
    • Tasks
    • Issue Tracking
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
    • Announcement
    • Discussion Board
    • Survey
    • Custom List
    • Import Spreadsheet
  • Column Types
  • List Validations
  • Term Sets
    • Global
    • Local 

Module 9: List Views

  • Public and Personal Views
  • Quick Sort and Quick Filter Using Columns
  • Create or Modify a View
  • Add Columns and Change the Order of Columns
  • Sort, Filter, Group, and Total Data
  • Tabular View
  • Styles
  • Folders
  • Item Limits
  • Setting a View as Default
  • Deleting a View

Module 10: Office Integration

  • Connect a SharePoint list to Outlook
  • Sync content
  • Export a list to Excel
  • Import Tables in Access

Module 11: Features

  • Site Collection Features
  • Site Features

Module 12: List Management

  • Content Ratings
  • Metadata Navigation
  • Email Enabled Lists
  • Site Columns
  • Content Types
  • Document Information Panel
  • Content Approval
  • Versioning
  • Draft Item Security
  • Check Out Required
  • Generate File Plan Report
  • Document Sets
  • Save a List as Template

Module 13: Parts and Pages

  • What is a Part?
  • Web Part Pages and Zones
  • Wiki Pages
  • Embed Video
  • App Parts vs. Web Parts
  • Where do Parts come from?
  • Add, Move, Remove, and Customize Parts
  • Closed Parts Gallery

Module 14: Business Intelligence Center

  • Explore BI Center
  • PerformancePoint Services
  • PerformancePoint Content
  • Dashboard Pages
  • Excel Web Access Web Part

Module 15: Workflows

  • What is a Workflow?
  • Three-state Workflow
  • Approval/Collect Feedback Workflow
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows

Module 16: My Site

  • What is Social Computing?
  • My Site
  • Tagging Content
  • Conversations
  • Follow
  • Sites
  • Newsfeeds
  • About Me
  • Blog
  • SkyDrive Pro

Module 17: Search

  • Search Center
  • SharePoint Search Terminology
  • Search Interfaces
  • Search Results Page
  • Search Results Hover Card
  • Search Vertical
  • People Search
  • Search Alerts
  • Preferences
  • Advanced Search

Module 18: Site Customizations and Basic Administration

  • Regional Settings
  • Create Alerts
  • Maintain User Alerts
  • Title, Description, and Logo
  • Tree View
  • Change the Look
  • Site Navigation
  • Popularity and Search Reports
  • Content and Structure

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