The Cruise! (part 1) – Day 1 and our Room

Hi everyone!

The cruise was AWESOME! We had a blast and it was so hard to come back to reality but we did miss our dogs terribly. We have a great neighbor, Zach, and he watched the dogs for us so we knew they were being loved and taken care of. My mom checked on them also. That helped us to relax and enjoy ourselves.

We took so many pictures that I’m going to post them in groups. This first group of pictures is our arrival to the ship and our room. The room was very tiny. It was kind of like living in a fancy RV. I say fancy because it was beautiful and very comfortable. The bed was real comfy. I slept like a baby. The rocking of the ship put me to sleep and I never even woke up during the night like I always do.

I followed Dan into the room and I was right behind him. He turned and stepped right on my toes! I was afraid he broke them but they just swelled up a bit. I needed some ice and we had no idea where to get some so he took a Coke out of the mini-fridge. So that’s why there’s a picture with a Coke on my foot!

To check out the pictures be sure to scroll down and read the captions. That will explain what each picture is.

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