The Cruise (Part 2) – The Ship

Hi everyone!

Here’s The Cruise (Part 2) – The Ship. We took tons of pictures of the ship. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. The first thing we saw when we boarded was the Centrum. This was the middle of the ship. The gathering area. They had a lot of entertainment in the Centrum and people gathered there to drink coffee and, of course, liqueur. Mixed drinks were a huge deal on the ship. Everyone had a drink in their hands. We loved the “Drink of the Day”. If you ordered this drink you would get a souvenir glass to keep. We collected 10 glasses! We would always get to the Centrum early and park in chairs that looked over the floor so we could see everything. Entertainment started on some nights at 7:00pm and would continue until Midnight. Sometimes it would start around 9:00pm. The ship we were on was the Brilliance of the Seas and there were 13 decks. The Centrum went from deck 4 to deck 11.  We usually parked on deck 5. Right next to the bar. Go figure!

Another favorite spot was the Colony Club. It was a cozy feeling room where you could play pool, chess, checkers, and backgammon. They would also have shows here. One night we watched Battle of the Sexes. They also had two art auctions in the Colony Club. We really enjoyed that.

There was an indoor pool called the Solarium and an outdoor pool. Also, a fitness room and spa. I had a wonderful massage in the spa!

The dining room was called The Minstral. It was beautiful. We only ate there 1 night. The other nights we went to the Specialty restaurants. The food was good in the dining room but they put us at a table that seated 6. Only 1 other couple was there the night we were and we weren’t comfortable with them.

There were 3 Specialty restaurants. We got the package that let us try all 3 of them. One was Izumi. It’s a Sushi/Hot Rock place. It was so incredibly good and the service was so awesome that we scheduled to go a 2nd night.

Another restaurant was Giovanni’s. It was italian food. The food was good but not great. I ordered an italian dish that came with a Filet Mignon and it was very dry and overcooked. I sent it back and got something else but I didn’t enjoy that either. In fact, it was so ho hum that I can’t remember now what it was.

The 3rd restaurant was Chop’s Grille. One word…AMAZING. The best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. At each of these restaurants you can get multiple appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Pretty much whatever you want. We started the meal with the Dungeness Crab and Shimp Cake. It was large. I would have been happy with just that as a meal. It was so good. Just thinking about it my mouth is watering. Then I got the 10 oz Filet and Dan got the Porterhouse. The…best…steaks…EVER. You also got to pick whatever veggies you wanted. Then we ended the meal with a slice of Red Velvet Cake and Mississippi Mud pie. They were huge portions. We had to take it to go. I sat in bed later in the night eating cake!

The only real complaint we had on the cruise were actually the desserts. Chop’s Grille had the only good desserts. All of the desserts served everyone on the ship were custard or pudding in some way shape or form. We put on our evaluation that we wish they had desserts that you actually needed teeth to eat.

Enjoy the pictures! Don’t forget to read the captions

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