The Cruise (Part 3) – Portland Maine

Hi everyone!

Part 3 of The Cruise! The first port of call on our cruise was Portland, Maine. It was a very overcast day with a few sprinkles here and there. It was also chilly. Coat chilly, not Oh My Gosh I Need to Get Inside chilly. We did the Lighthouses of Maine excursion. It was awesome. The first part of the excursion was a bit slow. The bus toured through the city and we were shown various Points of Interest. We saw the house where Longfellow lived, the big mansions on the hill overlooking the harbor, and The Observatory. Our guide was really funny. Super nice guy.

Then we went to see the Lighthouses. The first one was called The Portland Breakwater Light, called Bug Light by the locals. It’s a small lighthouse in South Portland, Maine. The lighthouse’s flashing red beacon helps to guide ships from Casco Bay through the entrance to Portland Harbor. It was a beautiful location. It’s kind of a squatty looking lighthouse. Not like what we’re used to seeing in the Outer Banks. We had a great view of our cruise ship from this location.

Then we went to the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. We were able to see this lighthouse from a distance but we couldn’t walk out to it. There is a rock pathway out to the lighthouse but we were cautioned that it was very slippery and they didn’t recommend that we walk it. It was a nice spot but I spent most of our time there trying to find a bathroom. Be sure to take a bathroom break prior to going to this lighthouse. The only bathroom there is a porta-potty. EW.

The most impressive lighthouse was the Portland Head Light. Absolutely breathtaking. I could have stayed there for hours to enjoy the area but we only had about an hour. This lighthouse is situated along the shores of the Fort Williams Park. The first version of the lighthouse was built prior to 1776. I look at the pictures that we took there now and I’m amazed at how beautiful it is and that we were actually there taking those pictures.

We went to lunch at the Portland Lobster Company. We had lobster rolls. Very good but the place we went to in Bar Harbor was better. Still worth visiting if you’re ever in Portland.

The sun even managed to come out for us while we were there.

I hope you enjoy!

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