The Cruise (Part 4) – Bar Harbor Maine

Hi everyone!

Bar Harbor Maine was our absolute favorite port of call. Beautiful, quaint, fun, great food, nice locals. Wonderful!

Our ship was unable to dock there so we had to take a little boat, called a Tender, from the ship to the dock. It only took about 15 minutes and Royal Caribbean was very organized about it all.

We had some time to explore a bit before our excursion. There was a big Whale statue there. I gave it a nice hug.

We had lunch at Fish House Grille. We were going to initially go to Stewmans. But I asked a local where they go to eat and we were referred to the Fish House Grille. It was the best food we had at any port. Dan got the Lobster Roll and loved it! I got the Fried Clams. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I miss those clams.

After we had lunch we did a bit of shopping. The stores were quaint and personal. The best store, in our opinion, was Geddy’s. Very cool T-shirts.

After that it was time for our Whale Watching Excursion. Everyone that I talked to told me not to get my hopes up. That I might not see whales and as we went further and further out on the boat and we didn’t see whales I started to get a little disappointed. Then I heard the magic words…”There’s a whale up ahead!!” We came across two whales. Most whales are tagged and cataloged because they’re endangered. Our guides recognized these two Humpback Whales as Triton and Whistler. Triton has a white tail on the underneath. We stayed near them for close to an hour while they proceeded to play with us. They would come up on one side of the boat and disappear and then appear on the other side. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was also cold out there! I bought a jacket while we were in Bar Harbor because it was already cool while we were walking around. I’m glad I bought it. I was dressed in layers. Long sleeve shirt, sort of a sweat jacket type of thing, and the new pink jacket I bought. I also got something to cover my ears while in town because I get earaches when its really cold and very windy. So with all of that on I was pretty nice and toasty. So if you go to Maine in September be sure to take layers! The scenery during the excursion was so beautiful there are no words to adequately describe it.

Thank you Bar Harbor for an amazing time!

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