The Cruise (Part 7) – Cruise Ship Entertainment

Hi everyone!

This post is about the entertainment on the Brilliance of the Seas cruise ship. There was always something going on. Several times we had to make a difficult choice between multiple activities.

There were nightly shows in the Pacifica Theater. We went to several of them but each time we left after about 5 minutes. These shows simply weren’t our cup of tea. They reminded me of watching the Lawrence Welk Show at my Granny’s house when she would babysit us. The shows were variety shows and very “old school” variety at that.

There were also three “aerial” shows in the Centrum. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures of the first one. We were getting ready to go to dinner before we realized there was a show. We caught enough of it to know that we definitely wanted to see the other two shows. One of the shows was Jack and the Magic Bean. The other one was a rock show and afterwards we enjoyed Rock Brittania. These shows were fabulous. We made sure to get to the Centrum early so we could get a great seat. I took my crocheting and stayed busy to pass the time. I got a lot of compliments on my most recent afghan.

Talk to you soon! Enjoy the pictures!

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