Happy Birthday to me!

Wow, another year has come and gone. Where do they go? My parents always said that time would begin to go by faster and faster and I didn’t believe them, but it does!  It really does!  So now I’m 51 years old. That should be 51 years young because I don’t feel 51. I still think of myself as being around 35 or so. Which is really weird because I did not enjoy my 30’s that much. Maybe because I didn’t enjoy my 30’s I’m getting a second chance at them. Yikes, this is getting deep….moving on.

i had a very nice day even if I did have to go to work. Hubby brought me cupcakes from Bella Cakes. YUMMY. They were so pretty. All pink sparkles and little cakes and birthday hat picks in them. I was very good and only ate one but I brought home what was left of them (after giving to coworkers) and I had another after dinner. Mmmmmm soooo goood.

i also got two magnificent puzzles from my sweet hubby. Both are 3000 pieces so they should take me a little while to put together. both are Ravensburger puzzles which equals quality. One of them is an Undersea puzzle. It has every critter I can think of in it. The other one is a world map as it was in 1665. I’m a huge huge history geek so I’m looking forward to this. I already started putting it together.  3000 pieces is as big as our bar in the kitchen will accommodate so Dan is thinking of a way to set it up so I can do bigger puzzles. I have my eye on a 6000 piece. I know…I’m weird. No wait…not weird. UNIQUE!

I also got a beautiful yellow birthday card that my adorable niece Lily made for me. She even put dogs on it for me knowing that I love my dogs. It’s going into my keepsake chest. Thank you Lily!

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