Planning new scarves

I made an earlier post with a picture of the scarf I made for myself. I got compliments on it from everyone, cashiers, friends, coworkers, family, and lots of others.


I went to get my nails done on Saturday and Kathy, at Poquoson Hair and Body, loved it and other people there did also. So I sold it! I made some money doing something I love. Yippie! Now I don’t have a scarf. My neck is cold! So I’m working hard on a new scarf. It should be done soon. Then I got a bunch of my yarn out and planned some more scarves.

This is only one brand of the yarn I have! But I do love it. It’s Cascade Pacific and it’s awesome.  Daisy is sound asleep in the background.

Stay tuned for more scarves!



By the way, Kathy at Poquoson Hair and Body, does fantastic work. She takes her time and paints my nails just like I want. I take her a picture or she shows me one and we adapt it until it’s what I like. Here’s a couple pics




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