Sweet Valentine

This past weekend I decided to do a little baking for Valentine’s Day. I think I went a little overboard.

In the beginning there was a nice organized kitchen counter. Everything going to room temperate. It quickly became a mess.


Then I started with Sweetheart Buddies. Hmmm so good and real easy to make.

Sweetheart Buddies (credit for the recipe goes to The Recipe Critic) The link will take you to the recipe.

Rice Chex mixed with melted red candy melts


More Rice Chex mixed with melted white chocolate chips


All of it tossed together with confectionary sugar and laid out on a baking sheet to dry. Then I mixed in valentine M&M’s


Such a pretty picture!


Then I made Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies (credit for the recipe goes to Hanielas)

I made up the dough


Then I rolled them in Confectionary Sugar. I thought I took a picture of these cookies but I guess I didn’t. But you can see them in the background of the picture where my husband is rolling out cookie dough for sugar cookies.


Next I made Zinfandel cupcakes. I had some White Zinfandel in the fridge. I used what the recipe called for and then drank the rest! The cupcakes are so rich and yummy!

Zinfandel Cupcakes (credit goes to an article on People magazine’s site. It’s Trista Sutter’s recipe. )

First the batter


Then the finished product iced.


In between baking I worked on my puzzle


Next I made Pink Lemonade cupcakes

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes (except I couldn’t find Pink Lemonade so I used regular frozen Lemonade) (credit goes to Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen)

I will say that these were our absolute favorite. Scrumptious! First I mixed up the batter


For some reason I didn’t get a finished picture 😦 So I borrowed Sweet Cheeks. I don’t think they’ll mind since I’m giving credit where credit is due.

SO GOOD! Next came the Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies (Credit goes to Alton Brown)

I use this recipe every year at Christmas. I love these cookies so much. First the dough. Then it’s refrigerated for two hours.


Then my husband rolls out the dough and cuts the shapes for me. Thank you honey!


Then I ice them. I am practicing using Royal Icing. It’s hard to get the correct thickness. I used a new frosting called Wedding Cake Buttercream. It’s the best I’ve made so far. Very light and fluffy.

They turned out so pretty



Of course I had to try all of it as I was making it. So between the wine and the sugar I was buzzing pretty good. I got all this done in one day.

I made up little goody bags and gave some to friends and family and we’re still munching on what’s left.

If you use these recipes enjoy!

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