Update on Life Happenings

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been busy as all get out.

My grandbaby is still a work in progress. I’ll get an updated ultrasound pic in a couple of weeks but this is one from a while ago.

photo (1)

He’s so adorable already! August 27th is the due date and there’s going to be a massive baby shower on June 28th. I’ll definitely have more pics to post. There just aren’t any words to describe how incredibly excited I am.

I’ve also been working on my flower beds. I don’t have any pictures of how they looked when we first moved in 7 years ago. Imagine weeds and big scraggly shrubs and that’ll about do it. My son came over and yanked out the shrubs by chaining them to his pickup truck and I started from there.

This picture is from early spring. The Japanese Maple hadn’t bloomed yet and the azaleas were still asleep. I took this after I put in some Geraniums and Begonias so there’s some color. The tulips are starting to come up but no blooms yet. Last year they didn’t even come up so I was excited to see them when they came up this year.

photo (2)

A month later my Japanese Maple was all filled out. So much so that I had to do some trimming. I’m not allowed to have any plants higher than the windowsills and it was getting close. My tulips bloomed and I was very happy with the results.

photo (7)

photo (6)

Once the tulips wilted and took their last breath I cut them back and put in some more begonias. I also put in a Loropetalum near the Crepe Myrtle on the end. My aunt recommended it and she’s a plant expert. It’s little right now but it will be bigger soon enough. This is what it will eventually look like but I’m going to keep it controlled and confined into a certain spot.


I put in another red flowering shrub in the center of the flower bed near the bird bath. But I don’t remember right now what’s its called.

Here are the flower beds as they are right now. Sometimes I just walk outside and gaze at them. I’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out.

photo (4)

photo (3)

The crepe myrtle will be blooming soon and for some reason the Azaleas on the left side of the house bloom later than the right. So they should be going to town soon.

We’re also in the process of turning the 3rd bedroom into a media/craft room/day bed couch type thing room. We have more than 5 bookcases of dvd/blu-rays so they’re staying in the room. The craft area is going to look similar to the table in the picture below. The area won’t be as large.

photo (9)

The house is overwhelmed with craft stuff so I’m hoping to get organized some. Dan also got me a Silhouette Cameo and I need more room! I’ll be able to make all sorts of things but I need room to work. I suppose I could use the bar in the kitchen but then where would I put my 3000 piece puzzle!?

We’re looking at a daybed type thing for the room that I can put up railings and the baby will have somewhere to sleep when I’m in there. I’m hoping to babysit a lot! Then my grown kids will have something to sleep on if they come to visit.

I’m also busy busy at making blankets for the baby. I’m making 3 different sizes but all a variation of the granny stitch. I’ll be done with those soon. I ran out of one of the colors so I had to put in an order. The yarn I like comes from England and it takes foreverrrrrr. I buy it at either Deramores or Woolwarehouse. I love Stylecraft yarn. It comes in 58 colors. So I’ll post pictures of these as soon as they’re completed.

Well, that’s my update! Shew! I’ll keep you posted. Lots of great things happening this summer. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and be safe!



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