Quite an Exciting Weekend!

Hi everyone!

WOW, what a weekend! It was busy busy but very enjoyable. Saturday (June 28) was the Baby Shower. It was a Doozy. I didn’t count how many people showed up but it was quite a turn out. Family and friends got together and celebrated. I want to tell you about the gifts I made before I tell you more about the shower.

I made two crocheted baby blankets. One of them is approximately crib size and I used the Granny Stitch. I crocheted small Granny Squares and then connected them. Then put a border around it. I used StyleCraft Special DK yarn with a size 4.0 ADDI hook.

I’m very proud of the second blanket. It’s just a simple multi-color Granny Stripe with a wide border to finish. It’s almost just like the Granny Stripe that I made myself back in December to snuggle up in on a cold winter night (or when hubby puts the AC on too low because he’s hot). I made the baby blanket large enough to put on the floor to lay the baby on. I wanted some texture. Something that would catch the baby’s eye, touchy-feely, so that his senses would be stimulated and he could actually play with the blanket.

After much thought, I decided to use Crocheted Appliques. I initially thought to use Felt. That didn’t work well. I posted on the wonderful Crochetville site and got great feedback and that helped me to decide. So I started off by crocheting four Turtle Appliques and I attached them to one corner of the blanket. But I decided that wasn’t enough. So then I crocheted a school of Fish and attached them in another corner. My mind was still in Creative mode. I’m a computer instructor and in one of my classes a student recommended some seaweed. So in the third corner I attached crocheted Seaweed and two little Whales. I knew then that I had to put something in the last corner. I crocheted a Sailboat with an L on it for Logan (the baby’s name) and also attached an Angelfish and a Starfish. I also used StyleCraft Special DK yarn with a size 4.0 ADDI hook. The blanket turned out perfect. I love it!

I also made two Amigurumi Turtles. The perfect size for a baby’s hand.

Here are some pictures:

There was a 7 month Ultrasound prior to the Baby Shower. Close family and some friends were invited to attend. It was so exciting! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was incredible. I was able to watch the baby moving and yawning! They took tons of pictures. Here are a couple of them:

Logan 2 - June 28

Logan - June 28

He’s so perfect. The pictures look like a renaissance painting.

The Baby Shower (co-ed) was held at the Moose Lodge. Approximately 50 people attended. The theme of the shower was “Under Construction”. Close family and friends brought dishes and we had an awesome spread, a big cake, and yummy punch with duckies in it. The duckies were wearing a little hard hat!

There were a gazillion gifts. Jason and Amanda got so many gifts I can’t begin to describe them. There were two long tables full. They got blankets, clothes, toys, play yard, stroller/car seat, baby monitor, and various other things. They asked for a book in place of a card so now the baby has a huge library.

Here are some pictures:

All in all, a Wonderful Day spent with family and friends and my soon-to-be Grandson, Logan.

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