What a Beginning to the Year!

The weather this year has been unreal. One day it’s sunny and 60 degrees and the next day it’s 15 degrees and ice and snow everywhere. Remembering when I was young and in school, I used to love snow. School was canceled and we stayed home, Mama made Snow Cream, and we dressed up in multiple layers of clothes and went outside to play. NOW, we get the weather forecast of snow and we holler “NOOOOOO MORE SNOW!!!” It’s so beautiful but it disrupts work, makes the roads a mess, makes the house a mess, it’s just….a mess. The dogs love it though!








I had to go to Durham, NC for work for a week and guess what it did while I was there…SNOW! Twice! The hotel lost power about 1:30am on Thursday the 26th and it didn’t come back on for 18 hours! I took my sewing machine with me to stay busy during the week in the evenings and then we lose power and I can’t sew. Such a boring day. The hotel had a generator but it only powered a few lights in the halls. The elevator ran for about 3 hours. After that we had to take the stairs up and down. I realized then how out of shape I am. Whew! The hotel crew were super nice. We were provided with a complimentary dinner and breakfast the next day. But not lunch on the 26th. I decided to explore Durham a little bit and see if I could find something to eat. There was a Starbucks in a Kroger that was open but it was an hour long line. I stood in it. What else was I going to do? Then I get to the cashier and order a Venti..and they were out of Venti cups! So I got two Grande’s since I’d waited for so long. The only restaurant I saw open was Arby’s. So I trek through the ice and snow and get to the drive up and order a Roast Beef sandwich. The voice on the other end says “We’re sorry but we’re out of Roast Beef”. How can an Arby’s be out of Roast Beef?! So the next best thing, chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks.

I made it back home safe and sound Saturday morning and immediately went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show at the Hampton Convention Center. It was amazing! Such beautiful quilts! So much inspiration! Also, tons of vendors. Dan went with me and carried stuff that I bought and sat in the center with the other husbands who were forced  to go and played games or read news on his phone. There was so much fabric though that I went back on Sunday for a couple hours alone. I didn’t make him endure the fabric shopping.

Check out some of these amazing quilts! Unfortunately I didn’t get the quilter’s name to give them credit. But well done! Bravo! (as Isabel would say on Downton Abbey)

After the show on Sunday I went to see my little jellybean. He’s the most absolute precious little bundle of joy.



All in all I’d say a very good weekend!

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