We all got together on Easter Sunday and it was a great time. All of my immediate family was there. My mom, my brothers and their wives, my 3 nieces, my son and his wife, and my awesome grandson. We also had other family members with us. A couple of aunts and an uncle and several cousins. We had a great time eating, reminiscing, and hunting for Easter eggs. It was a beautiful day. Just as it should be for Easter.

Four generations! My mom, Peggy. My son, Jason. Myself, and my grandson Logan. I think we’re a rather beautiful family.


My mom holding Logan. He needed to finish his bottle but he decided that he was done.


Logan and Nana Lisa enjoying Easter Sunday


My niece Erin holding Logan.  She’s afraid of babies. She thinks she might drop it. Her face says it all. She’ll most likely be a wonderful mother one day.


Grandpa Dan holding Logan. Dan’s talking to Jason and Logan is happy to sit on Grandpa’s lap.


A few days after Easter, Jason, Amanda and Logan went to Disney World. They had a great time and even at 8 months old Logan agrees that Disney World is the most magical place on Earth.


Our family suffered a terrible loss this month though. My uncle Wayne passed away after a struggle with lung cancer. My dad died from the same horrible disease almost 4 years ago. Emotions are so crazy when things like this happen. Feeling guilty that you actually feel relief because they’re no longer suffering but also terrible sorrow at their passing. I know that Daddy and Uncle Wayne are together now and they’re probably sitting around having a beer or two checking in on their families.

Rest in peace Uncle Wayne. You are missed and loved by many.


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