Quilting News

I got my quilting machine! It’s a Janome Artistic Quilter sit-down mid-arm. I can quilt very large quilts now. We moved the treadmill out into the garage. Who needs exercise when they can have a quilting machine!



A few updates on my craft room. I think that this will be the last update on the craft room. Unless we move. The room is full! Nothing else will fit in there.

I finished my New York Beauty wall hanging. I’m very happy with how it turned out. I’ve got the borders on it but I still have to quilt it.


Also finished a strip club quilt. I really like how the colors turned out. I used 32 different fabrics in this quilt. I still need to add the borders to it and quilt it.


Daisy guarding the craft room door. I don’t know if it’s to keep me in or keep others out. LOL


Tinkerbell and Ruby relaxing on the couch. I don’t think they care what I do as long as they can sleep


We also had a visitor this week. We doggy-sat our cousin’s dog while she was here from Charlotte NC. His name is Rudi and he’s such a sweet dog. He loves Dan!


I have two on-going projects. One of them is a One Block Wonder. It’s very hard to see how beautiful it’s going to be. It’s made with one piece of fabric. Cut into triangles and sewn into hexagons. I’ve gotten about 30 sewn and I still have 70+ to go. I need to wrap up this blog post and get busy!

I’ve named the second project Bloom. I got the idea from the New York Beauty Diversified book. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many florals I’ve used in this quilt. I collected them from various stores and the quilt show for several months. It’s all up on my design wall and now I just have to sew all the blocks together. That’s what I’m going to do today even though I should be sewing hexagons. But hexagons are boring!


More will be posted about the Bloom quilt later in the week. And now that I’m looking at it here I think I’m going to change the sun.

I’m collecting fabrics now for another strip club quilt. It’s called Black Hole so it should be cool. I also need to get busy on a Kaleidoscope quilt. I already have the fabric. I’m just waiting until I finish up the things I’ve started. I also got a couple of patterns from BeColourful. They’re going to be a challenge. And I have another I’m going to start called The Compass Roses quilt. Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!

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