One Block Wonder – I’m calling it Sherbert

I finished my One Block Wonder yesterday! I got a lot done since class on Saturday.

I used Kaffe Fassett Brassica yellow for my fabric and this quilt was made by cutting 6 lengths of repeats on the same fabric and stacking them so the pattern was exact. Then strips were cut and then the strips were cut into over 100 stacks of triangles. Then the triangles were sewn together into 1/2 hexagons and the hexagons were then sewn into strips. The strips were sewn together and tada! I took leftover fabric and cut out prominent pieces and appliqued them into the corner along with leftover hexagons.

The border is a blue batik and the inner border is Toscana.

This is my first One Block Wonder and the first time I’ve appliqued. The applique was rather painless. The flowers I cut from the fabric had a lot of curvy edges and I was concerned about how well I’d be able to sew them on but I think I did pretty good.

How I have to quilt and bind it. Fun!

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