Row by Row Experience

It’s been a busy summer and it’s only half over! Row by Row Experience is an event that runs in the U.S. and Canada and the rowbyrower visits any of the participating shops and receives a free pattern for a row in a quilt. Then you can combine the rows in any way to create a unique quilt that represents the fun you had traveling throughout the summer. My OCD self decided that I want to travel to as many shops as I can. My mother-in-law is collecting rows for me in California and I have some friends country wide that are collecting. I’ve hit shops in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania so far. My husband is awesome. He’s traveled to all of them with me and he’s gotten the free pattern so that I can send it to a friend. Each shop also makes up a kit that includes all of the fabric needed to create their row. I’ve tried to limit my kit buying to the rows that I absolutely love. But that’s most of them! Each shop also created a “fabric plate”. It looks like a license plate but it’s fabric so you can add them to quilts. Here are a few of the shops we’ve visited:

Some Virginia shops:

20150627_192122393_iOS20150627_154933251_iOS20150627_154532783_iOS 20150627_150915607_iOS

Pennsylvania (Bedford PA, Pittsburgh PA, and Lancaster PA:

20150711_162434436_iOS 20150710_223658979_iOS 20150711_154406171_iOS 20150711_154344361_iOS 20150711_154337601_iOS 20150711_134657234_iOS

One of my favorite shops was Burkholders in PA. They have a great website

I got to see the store! I was like a kid in a candy shop. I could have spent all day shopping here but we had a tight schedule. We visited over 20 shops in our PA trip.

20150711_122110286_iOS 20150711_124122783_iOS 20150711_124139964_iOS 20150711_124151211_iOS 20150711_124157195_iOS 20150711_124221451_iOS 20150711_124226064_iOS

Dan was such a trooper. He even let me take pictures of him. Too bad my thumb got in the way:


Here are a few pictures of just some of the kits/plates/patterns and fabric I’ve gotten:

20150712_142936205_iOS 20150712_142541052_iOS 20150712_141554518_iOS 20150712_141224769_iOS 20150712_140616333_iOS 20150712_135933698_iOS 20150712_134139238_iOS 20150712_132706834_iOS 20150709_194558000_iOS 20150628_000115321_iOS

I took my first selfie!


We’re planning more shops in VA and a NC trip soon!

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