Gifts Given and Lovely Christmas

This is going to be a long post. I have so much tell you and show you! It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been making Christmas gifts and was unable to post any pictures until after they had been given at Christmas. Everyone seemed to be tickled pink and pleased with what I made for them. I had a few orders for crafted items to complete as well and the customers were thrilled with the results. Yay!

We had Christmas with my son, Jason, his lovely wife, Amanda, and my grandson Logan, at their house. It was decorated so beautifully and smelled wonderful. Amanda loves her Yankee Candles. I do too! My mom went with us so we had 4 generations of family present for Logan’s 2nd Christmas. This time he definitely got more into the action than he did at his 1st Christmas. He helped to open presents and wanted to play with everything as soon as it was opened. Well, maybe not so much the clothes. I made my son’s family a quilt and all 3 of them got an embroidered hoodie. The quilt was made with the Number 18 pattern. It was the second quilt I made and I thought they would enjoy the colors. ( I started quilting 11 months ago). I did the piecing using my DreamWeaver XE and my husband quilted it using my Janome Artistic Quilter sit down mid arm. The hoodies were embroidered with the Cowboys logo (Jason), the Eagles logo (Amanda), and a Godzilla monster truck for Logan.

Here’s Dan hard at work quilting! He was a huge help. I would have never gotten everything done if he hadn’t helped.


Here are a few pictures of our lovely day with Jason, Amanda, Logan, my mom Peggy, and my husband Dan. I don’t have any pictures of myself because I was taking them.

I do have some pictures of Logan and myself having dinner at Vinny’s one night. He’s grown out of it now but he would look at you and open his mouth wide and close it and then he’d catch your eye and do it again. We had a fun time opening and closing our mouths but I got the giggles. He’s so freaking adorable.

On Christmas Day we went to my mom’s house as always and had breakfast and exchanged gifts. I made an embroidered hoodie for my step-son Ryan and my 3 nieces, Lily, Sarah, and Erin. I had them pose with their jackets on and in usual fashion they acted up while doing it and my brother, Jody, got into the action in the background.

I made each of my brothers, and their families, a quilt. I used the Film at Five pattern. It consists primarily of 2.5 inch squares. We lost my father several years ago and I cut up 4 of his flannel shirts and used those mixed in with regular fabric. On the back of each quilt I made a label with Daddy’s picture and dedicated the quilts to him. I did all the piecing and Dan quilted both of them.

I made my mom a Peacock quilt. It’s made using the Grand Central pattern but I modified it a great deal. I embroidered a peacock in the center on cream velveteen fabric and used a wide variety of fabric for the remainder. The quilt fit her bed perfectly. She was very excited. I also did the piecing on this one and Dan quilted.

My husband’s family (my California family) also received a quilt and hoodies. I made a Memory Quilt for my mother and father in law. It consists of 67 photos printed onto fabric and 5 embroidered squares with sayings on them. This was very much a labor of love from both Dan and I. He made all of the fabric inkjet ready. We used Bubblejet Set and muslin. I also made a few using Kona white but I felt like the muslin held the ink better. I did all of the piecing and the quilting. We were both thrilled with how it turned out and I think you can tell from the look on Mom and Dad’s faces that they loved it too. Of course, we had to use Notre Dame colors. We Skyped with them so we could see their reaction and it was amazing.

Our two California nieces, Anna and Sami, received a hoodie and our nephew, Andrew, received a Servite hoodie. Here’s a pic of them modeling for us.


I embroidered a Notre Dame hoodie for Dan. I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of it. I’ll have to fix that!

When all was said and done I finally made something for myself! I love it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year. Welcome 2016!


One response to “Gifts Given and Lovely Christmas

  1. I love the gifts you made…I also made homemade gifts for my family. Many late nights ,that is including after work and my days off. My family loved their gifts as well.

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