Christmas 2013

We had a very nice Christmas this year. The break from work was productive and fun! I spent most of the time sewing. I stayed in and relaxed. It was great! But it made it very hard to go back to work.

Christmas morning was at my Mom’s house. We had a great breakfast and then gave gifts. I made a purse for the female members of my family and a hoodie for my brothers. My stepson, Ryan, got a snuggle quilt. I used the Shelby Satchel pattern from Sassafras Lane for the purses.

My mom looks awesome posing with her purse!


My three beautiful nieces, Sarah, Lily, and Erin

My two sisters-in-law, Elizabeth and Janet

I made both of my brothers an embroidered hoodie but I don’t have my brother Tim posing in his. This is my brother Jody posing in his jacket. He looks like Grizzly Adams!

We went to my son and daughter-in-laws house on Christmas afternoon. They always decorate so beautifully. I made for them a “diaper bag” big enough for a change of clothes for my grandson Logan. My son requested Batman fabric and I found some on Etsy that was really cool. It looked like a comic strip. I used the Sloan pattern for the bag. It can be found on Sew Sweetness.


Logan was so much fun to watch this year at Christmas. He had a better idea of what it’s all about. He visited Santa at the Yankee Candle Factory.

A new picture was taken this year of our 4 generations of family. My mom, myself, Jason, and Logan


Logan loves to take selfies!


Our three dogs, Daisy, Ruby, and Tinkerbell even got into the spirit of Christmas!


This past weekend we got about a foot of snow. It would have been wonderful to have a white Christmas but a couple weeks later works too! Logan loved it and enjoyed his mama, Amanda, pulling him on his sled.

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