Lego – Assembly Square

In January I built the Assembly Square lego set. It celebrates ten years of LEGO® Modular Buildings. There’s a bakery, florist’s shop and café on the ground floor, and a music store, photo studio and dental office on the middle floor, and an upper-level dance studio and apartment with access to a rooftop terrace with barbecue. Outside there is a sidewalk with outdoor café furniture (and even a little dog sitting in one of the chairs!), a fountain and streetlamps. It includes eight minifigures, a barista, a baker, a dentist, a ballerina, a mom and a baby figure, a photographer, and a florist. I had a great time putting this together. It took me about 2 weeks (a couple hours each night and a few hours on the weekends.) I was amazed at the detail that was put into designing this awesome set.

I don’t know how I missed pictures of the music store but there are guitars, saxophone, and a drumset.




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