Stained Glass Selvage Quilt

Over the years that I’ve been quilting I’ve saved every bit of selvage that was worth saving. I crammed it all into a big jar. I decided to do something with it! I had to start by ironing it all. Yeesh!

I cut 12×12 squares of good quality muslin. I put a regular 2 1/2 strip of fabric diagonally on the square. I used a tiny bit of Sewline Glue to keep it secure. Then I took strips of selvage and placed them diagonally along each side of the strip of fabric. I chose to have the words on the selvage fabric face in on each side. It’s very useful if the selvage strips are cut with about 1/2 inch of the fabric included. It makes overlapping so much easier. I secured each strip with a tiny dab of glue. Just enough until I got the square to my machine. The next step was to sew them all down.

I sewed each strip of fabric so it was overlapping the pieces beside it. You don’t want parts of a strip to come loose from under its neighbor. I used white thread for all of the strip sewing. Then I trimmed each square to 10×10 which was the goal. I started with 12×12 but the edges of the squares become a bit uneven so this way I had plenty of extra to work from.

Once all of my squares were completed I used black Kona cotton fabric to create the black windowpanes. I used a Damask black and white print on the back and on the binding. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I have a big design wall covering one whole wall of my bedroom. So I’m going to keep this quilt pinned to it when the wall isn’t in use. This way I have plenty of color to go with my Tula Pink strip quilt and pillowcases and my granny stripe afghan that I crocheted.

This is my room before I put the Stained Glass selvage quilt on the wall.


This is the Stained Glass Selvage Quilt!


I found it relatively easy and fun to make. I hope it helps to inspire you to make yourself one!

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