Tropical Noel – Applique Quilt

The quilt I finished most recently is called Tropical Noel. It’s an applique pattern from McKenna Ryan. This was my first applique quilt and I greatly enjoyed it. It was a lot of work though. First I had to trace all of the 100’s of shapes. I used Heat ‘n Bond Lite. I cut each shape out and then ironed each shape to the fabric. Each fabric shape had to be cut out. Every shape was then ironed onto a background panel. I layered the batting, and then free motion quilted around each shape. Then I attached the binding. I bedazzled it once I’d completed the binding. I used Swarovski Flatback Crystals to enhance the quilt and give it more of a sparkle for Christmas.

2 responses to “Tropical Noel – Applique Quilt

  1. Beautiful. There is a new bead shop up next to the Poq. Dance Studio. They have someone in there who quilts as well.

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